How do you drink from a beer boot?
If you have seen the comedy "Beerfest", then your question about 'DAS BOOT' has already been answered.

When drinking in a group, the boot is passed around in a circle and a game is played to determine who pays
for the next beer. A great Octoberfest promo item, Unbreakable Das Boot and it holds 3 LITERS OF BEER!

The second to last person to drink is the loser and has to purchase the next beer. Therefore, there are two
strategies to the game:
Either you try to finish the boot in one gulp without spilling any beer, or drink as little as possible and
hope that the next person in line doesn't try to drink the boot empty. An Octoberfest Tradition!

The shape of the boot makes drinking more difficult. As you drink the beer and tilt the boot backwards at an angle, an air pocket fills in the toe and has to be cautiously released. The trick to drinking from the boot is to hold the boot so that the toe is pointed either to your left or right, preventing an air bubble from building up in the toe.

The answer? The catch is to slowly turn the boot as you reach beer in the toe, thereby avoiding pressure build up and the unexpected, embarrassing beer shower that results. Drinking with your buddies? Let your un-expecting beer buddy try to figure out the secret on his own. It'll make for a great laugh and he won't forget how to do it the next time. Octoberfest fun at it's best with our UNBREAKABLE DAS BOOT!


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