Everybody Loves Apple Strudel

Another unique import directly from Munich, Germany. Better than Granny's! Our strudels will bring back the sweetest childhood memories. Following the original recipes from Bavaria with only the best ingredients.Apple Strudel

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  • "Strudel à la Mode”  hot apple strudel with cinnamon & vanilla ice cream
  • "Traditional Style" apple strudel with vanilla sauce & cream
  • "Apple Donuts" with cinnamon sugar & whipped cream topped with chocolate sauce
  • "Fruit Strudel" Apricot strudel with Grand Marnier sauce & fresh fruit

All strudels come ready baked and cut. All you have to do is thaw and serve! Convenient and a true delight!

Special rolling and preparation
techniques are
applied to make
this German
brand name
apple strudel
taste absolutely
Your guests will
ask for more!

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